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            product center

            innovation ebusbar

            Innovation / R & D Innovation / Material Innovation / Process

            • Design Concept

              The R&D team has a solid theoretical foundation, rich practical experience, masters core cutting-edge technologies, adheres to independent innovation, breaks the traditional thinking mode, upholds the spirit of artisans, and continuously improves product reliability and safety in accordance with international quality standards.

            • Structure Optimization

              In-depth study and analysis of the physical properties and electrical properties of different metal materials, the corrosion resistance of coating materials and the thermoplastic, strength and aging resistance of engineering plastics, thereby screening for higher performance materials while optimizing contact interface, heat dissipation and waterproofing. The structural design enables the product to have higher current carrying capacity and higher weather resistance.

            • Test Method

              Prospective customers and market demand, using advanced processing technology, continuously testing all products from design to finished products, covering all aspects of software functional performance, mechanical performance, electrical performance, environmental weathering, multi-dimensional projects; Existing test methods, and develop new test methods according to requirements to ensure more stringent product quality requirements.

            ebusbar car + pile
            operation platform

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            about us

            Founded in 2010, Shenzhen Busbar Technology Development Co., Ltd. (Ebusbar) is a high-tech enterprise supported by the state.

            It specializes in the R&D, manufacturing and sales of core components for new energy vehicles.

            The product line includes connectors, busbars, charging posts, motor controllers, electronic locks for charging systems, and power systems and integrated solutions for PDU, DC/DC, and car chargers for electric vehicles. Products are widely used in new energy industries such as electric vehicles, wind energy, solar energy, and smart grids. In addition, the business scope of Ebusbar has expanded from the manufacture of components to the provision of EV charging services, and has begun to invest in the development of electric vehicle infrastructure and the development of charging management systems. With stable quality and reliable performance .The Ebusbar brand effect has been formed.

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